Next Netrek pickup game: Thursday 6/11 6PM Pacific.

I’m pleased to announce that Netrek v2.0 for MacOS 10.15 is now live in the MacOS App Store as a free download. Those of you who downloaded via the App Store should get this as an automatic update.  I suggest you delete all alpha/beta versions.

In addition to using SwiftUI for graphics, this has other improvements:

1) Better logic for auto-selecting an eligible team
2) A “helpful netrek hint” each time you are killed (can be turned off in preferences)
3) Windows can be resized
4) Your tractor/pressor is visible with a cool animation
5) “Focus follows mouse” is better than v1.3, although left-clicking is still necessary in each window before right-clicking or center-clicking is responsive.
6) Torpedos now have a small red detonation

Open Source at <>    (note: different repository than the 1.3 version)

For those of you running MacOS 10.14, I’m leaving an old version 1.3 (SpriteKit based) binary available at <>  

Two ways to help:

1) You can add “help tips” via a Github pull request to the bottom of the file <>  (I’ll take help tips via email too).

2) You can provide a positive review on the MacOS App store.  The more downloads and positive reviews, the more visibility Netrek gets.

I’m going to take a break and then see if a native iPadOS version is workable.


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