Netrek v1.0 is approved and now in the iPadOS App Store!

Having completed this “development sprint”, I’ll be taking a break from Netrek client development for at least a couple weeks.   I’m always happy to get suggestions to make the MacOS and iPadOS clients better, even if they go on a “list” for after the break.

I’m tempted to work on a “dogfighting only” iPhone version.  But I think I need to improve the speed/direction controls (for better dogfighting) in the iPad version first.

Stuff I’m thinking about:

1) Vertical slider bar on right side for controlling speed (rather than drag magnitude).
2) “set course” zone near perimeter of tactical screen.  Taps in that zone will set course.


James wrote:
> Also suggest you show defended (armies > 4) planets differently on strategic scan.

They already show up as bold, but it’s hard to tell the difference.  I’ll increase the boldness in the next version to make it obvious.

James wrote:
> If you will use it, I will relicense my achievements system from Gytha

Not at this time.  But I’ll consider it in the future after my client is more mature.

Karthik wrote:
> I had trouble speeding up and slowing down while dfing as I would on a regular computer,

Acknowledged.  This is the key weakness of my iPadOS client.  Possible solutions discussed above.

Karthik wrote:
> Are you planning on implementing a galactic map?

I don’t think I have the space to display it.  I’m hoping the “circular scan” stuff will work out as people get used to it.  Especially when I’ve increased the boldness for kills/armies.