Netrek version 1.1 for iOS is out!

First, let me talk about UI improvements:

- Abandoned “drag to set course and speed”.  It doesn’t work well for dogfighting.
+ Speed is set by a stepper in the bottom-right
+ Course is set by tapping near the edge of the tactical screen.
+ Tapping near the middle of the tactical screen fires torps.
+ The first tap each second on an enemy ship within laser range fires lasers.
+ Any other taps on enemy ships fires torpedos.
+ Increased the “boldness” of planets with armies and ships with kills in the “long range scan circle”.
o Tapping on a planet continues to lock on to the planet.
++ Pinch-to-zoom tactical screen!  You can zoom out to see the whole galaxy or zoom in to a very close tactical view in real-time while fighting!

Possible improvements for future:

o When tactical screen zooms out to the whole galaxy, change to a “strategic” view, rather than the current “big tactical view”. Currently you can zoom out to see the whole galaxy, but each planet/ship is too small to be useful.

o I should add a “tractor nearest enemy” and “pressor nearest enemy” buttons on the left.  But for now you cannot play Hockey with Netrek for iOS.

o I may bring the “zoom” feature to the MacOS version.

Next lets talk about iPhone support:

It works.  I hope we will get more players as a result.  It’s very helpful to be able to search on “Netrek” in the iPhone App store and see a result.  I plug <> in the App Store description.

But the reality is that Netrek on iPhone is not much fun.  Netrek is designed to be played on a larger screen with a 3-button mouse.  iPad, especially with a 1-button mouse, works ok.  Playing on iPhone with small screen and tap-only is just not as fun.

But I’m still glad to have done the port.  I even got some kills and dropped two armies on an enemy planet with Netrek for iPhone during yesterday’s 6PM t-mode game.  But from a dogfighting standpoint I’m sure my opponents were saying I was “free beer”.

Other notes:

Apple’s developer conference is Monday.  I’m hoping we’ll get improved multi-button support for iPad.

As always, the binaries are free in the Apple App Stores.  Code is open source at <>      I’d appreciate downloads, positive App Store reviews, and GitHub stars.   Each of those improves Netrek visibility to new players.

I’d suggest that any of you who signed up for Apple TestFlight to delete those versions and use App Store release versions.  Code is now mature enough that I do not expect to run further TestFlights.

Partially related question:  I’m looking for a cloud Linux server/provider with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity that includes a Swift compiler.  If any of you have any suggestions, please email me.

Darrell Root
darrellroot AT <>

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