On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 4:33 PM Darrell Root <darrellroot at mac.com> wrote:

> *Next lets talk about iPhone support:*

> It works.  I hope we will get more players as a result.  It’s very helpful
> to be able to search on “Netrek” in the iPhone App store and see a result.
> I plug http://www.netrek.org in the App Store description.

Plug reciprocated.

> But the reality is that Netrek on iPhone is not much fun.  Netrek is
> designed to be played on a larger screen with a 3-button mouse.

Netrek on smartphones should really become its own separate game experience
that leverages what these phones are capable of (and incapable of).  If
there is enough traction with the Netrek iPhone app, we can always set up a
dedicated server for mobile players that rejects desktop clients.

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