Just in time for today’s game:

What: pickup game
When: Sunday May 10th at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern
Where: <>

I have a “barely playable” MacOS client which uses SwiftUI rather than SpriteKit for the graphics.  If you want to try out the “bleeding edge”, give it a shot.  Requires MacOS 10.15.  I haven’t even implemented explosions yet.

Download link: (binary notarized by Apple): <>
Source code:

For a more stable MacOS client, get the free Netrek client via the MacOS App Store
(but be warned of a known bug: you cannot lock on to Earth..workaround is to go speed 2 and click o to orbit…appstore fix this week).

I’m hoping to replace the AppStore SpriteKit/Swift client with the SwiftUI client after some more development and performance improvements.


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