Ok, I bought a DECstation 5000/133 for nostalgia sake, and am trying to get
a Netrek server up and running on it.

Couple of notes:

In tools/update.c on line 201 is this line:

  action.sa_sigaction = NULL;

There is no sa_sigaction as a member of the sigaction struct under NetBSD.
Nor is there under Linux, although there is this sa_restorer which says it
shouldn't be used.

However, even my copy of APUE doesn't mention this existing.

It seems to me this needs to be ifdef'ed out, but not sure what system might
actually need it. :)


In robotd, there is a reliance upon <values.h> for the definition of MAXINT.
This should be changed to the ANSI-C standard INT_MAX as defined in

Similarly I think the ftime() call in robot.c should probably be replaced
with gettimeofday() for newer systems?

Does that sound correct?


I might come up with other suggestions.  Right now the robotd stuff is
throwing an illegal instruction exception in gethostbyname() under

The source looks correct... NetBSD/pmax just really really doesn't like
this, it's even throwing some goofy stuff in gdb.

I have another machine, a PS/2 Model 77 with Debian 2.1, and everything runs
fine there.  It's even quite a bit faster than the DECstation, which
surprises me slightly.  Although I think there is a problem with NetBSD/pmax
which results in a severe performance penalty when doing a fork().  This
seems to be confirmed on the mailing list as well.