On Thu, Aug 17, 2000 at 12:27:50AM -0700, Trent Piepho wrote:
> Ok, now from the comment it looks like setEnemy should be called when t-mode
> changes.  But this code should get called every 10 seconds during t-mode.
> Maybe someone who knows how LTD stats work will know, if calling setEnemy
> every 10 seconds is ok.

I didn't look too carefully, but I do not believe setEnemy() gets called
every 10 seconds because the nested if condition inside updateStatus()
won't be met unless T mode changes.  Even if it does, it is OK.

> Suppose you have a fed-rom game in t-mode.  The roms quit, t-mode is lost, and
> then some klis join, t-mode is regained, over a period of less than 10
> seconds.  setEnemy will not get called, even though you had a fed-rom game and
> now a fed-kli game.

You are probably right.  But p_hist.enemy_team is only used for computing
LTD_ZONE ticks, and the small error you point out has no significant impact
on the stats.  But it should probably be fixed.

> upto 10 seconds later.  I also wonder if stats code inside the network
> functions is really a good idea, it seems like a bad place to me.

Probably not, but p_hist.enemy_team only needs to be set during t-mode
changes for each player.  There isn't a significantly better place to put
it.  Also, there are a couple of other places where stats are updated
within the networking functions.

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