On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, Dave Ahn wrote:
> > Ok, now from the comment it looks like setEnemy should be called when t-mode
> > changes.  But this code should get called every 10 seconds during t-mode.
> > Maybe someone who knows how LTD stats work will know, if calling setEnemy
> > every 10 seconds is ok.
> I didn't look too carefully, but I do not believe setEnemy() gets called
> every 10 seconds because the nested if condition inside updateStatus()
> won't be met unless T mode changes.  Even if it does, it is OK.

The condition will be met when tmode changes or when timeprod changes and
force is true.  timeprod will change every update during t-mode and force is
usually true.

> > upto 10 seconds later.  I also wonder if stats code inside the network
> > functions is really a good idea, it seems like a bad place to me.
> Probably not, but p_hist.enemy_team only needs to be set during t-mode
> changes for each player.  There isn't a significantly better place to put
> it.  Also, there are a couple of other places where stats are updated
> within the networking functions.

Does it need to go in ntserv or daemonII?  If it could go in daemonII it would
make sense to put it with all the other t-mode change code, like the scummer
check, the "A dark mood.." messages, etc.