On Mon, 3 Jul 2000, James Cameron wrote:
> Trent, it was discussed, I guess you missed it.  The behaviour I adopted
> is consistent with beaming down while at peace; are you suggesting that
> a new message should be added for that condition as well?  Is non-T
> gameplay really that important to you?

I think messages like:

"Bomb out of T-mode?  Please verify your order to bomb."
"You may not bomb out of T-mode."
"You may not bomb 3rd and 4th space planets."

Show a general trend of explaining why a command failed, rather than having
it mysteriously not work.

> Tom, I can't envisage a situation where a real game will be disturbed by
> this change.  Can you elucidate please?  Your input may be valuable in
> assuring that the change will have negligible effect.  T-mode would have
> to drop before the new behaviour occurs.  I've not seen many real games
> where this is a problem, apart from dying pickup games, or massive net
> problems during an INL game.

Happened to me on continuum yesterday.  8 people managed to show up and we
played for a few minutes, they neuted one of our planets, and then one of
their players quit.  We had a carrier on the way to take the planet back, but
he just sat there orbiting the planet wondering what the hell was going on.  I
think that the 7 of us remaining on the server would have liked to keep on
playing without t-mode, rather that sit around doing nothing.  But without two
teams of four, you're not allowed to play.  So I quit and went to newbie where
I don't have to put up with this now you can play, now you can't crap.