BRMH is maintained by Karthik Arumugham karthik at  You will
need to talk to him first.

Then you will need to submit the public key file generated by mkkey.
There should be two plain text files named something like
"brmh-sparc-openbsd" and "brmh-sparc-openbsd.secret".  Send a copy of the
"brmh-sparc-openbsd" file (not the secret file) to this list.  Also
upload the static and dynamic BRMH binaries to and email me (ahn at
the MD5 checksums.

COW is maintained by Kurt Siegl (

Paradise/TedTurner are maintained by me.  Contact me via personal email
if you want to build those clients.

On Sat, Jul 15, 2000 at 01:42:32PM -0300, Mark D wrote:
> Hi,
> I've compiled an RSA aware, BRMH client for OpenBSD Sparc.  According to
> Tom Holub's posting on R.G.N. I'm suppose to submit a key to you, and I
> was hoping to get further instructions.  As I understand it, there are
> suppose to be public/private keys and I have the key I generated with
> mkkey before I compiled the client.  What exactly is it that I am suppose
> to submit?  I'd like to generate clients for OBSD on some other
> architectures as well ...
> Thanks for any help you can offer ...
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