> Let me clarify what I think are important features:
> keymap, fonts, buttonmap and all the <key>:<value> options 
> are important.
> What I think is not quite so important at this point are
> the macros, keymaps based on shiptype and window placement 
> options.  Sorry 
> if this seems arbitrary, but
> I think most people and especially newbies will find this
> more than adequate to configure the client to their taste.  My main 
> objective is basically provide newbies a friendly GUI instead 
> of having to 
> edit the config file through notepad or whatever.

Actually window placement is probably the #1 question I receive in
emails about the client.

Second is keymap.

Third is anything to do with how things look on screen, like the
dashboard and icons and such.

Interestingly enough the difficult to build a configuration program for
these features is directly relational to the frequency they are asked.
i.e. for window placement you'd have to design a way of previewing the