Ok, I should have the username 'wyatt' on sourceforge.
I felt that I should just put the screenshot on the web!


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> G'day Michael,
> I'm sure Gerard should comment as well, but I think you could be of
> significant benefit in this ...
> (a) show us a screenshot of your VB program, to give Gerard more input
>     on the GUI design, (e.g. by uploading a PNG to the CVS server, or
>     using e-mail)
> (b) review the GUI design Gerard comes up with, to ensure we end up with
>     a high quality product, (e.g. by downloading from the CVS server and
>     building as each major function is built)
> (c) help us to build (via CVS) the set of template layouts for various
>     common screen resolutions.  (e.g. upload suggested netrekrc files,
>     test other suggestions on your platform, etc).
> So yes, I suggest you sign up.  I see no reason why you can't contribute
> given the skills you have.
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