Not everybody here watches the newsgroup, so I'll include here what
Nick posted to ...

Ok, I'm going to release the first alpha test of my new open GL java
client. For those that are interested please visit...

All of the details of the client can be found on the website. Currently
this is a large download (13.5 megs) for windows only. Why? Because I
packaged a complete java runtime environment with it. I did this because I
needed to have the gl4java (platform dependant) libraries installed for it
to work. I really don't think the garden variety gamer wants to bother
with that and would rather just go get another beer while it downloads.
Because it is large
my company has asked that I restrict distribution to non-business hours
(any time but 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time Mon->Fri).

To run it, simply unzip to any directory and click on the gltrek.bat file.
This will get you to the metaserver window. If you want to observe with
the client, look at the .bat file to see how to run the client from the
command line. Yes, I know, that sux, but I'll get to a better front end
once I know the client is playable.

My main goal with this client is to make it look better. Therefore, don't
expect all of the configurability of other clients. There are 2 modes to
in. 1024x768 and 800x600. Both currently look pretty good. I haven't
really done much with the login/entry screens yet so don't expect them to
be pretty.

What I really need from the community is feedback. First and foremost I
need some performance numbers. Due to the texturing and transparency this
client won't run well on older systems (you need a beefier graphics card I
If you try the client, PLEASE tell me how well it ran. You can get the
frames/second over the last 5 seconds up in the corner of the tactical.
is an option to turn it off, but please let me know how it runs, what your
system is and such.

All comments are welcome. There is a form on the website to report bugs or
you can e-mail me at slagerni at Please put glTrek somewhere in the
subject line. Please remember that this is a work in progress :)