I've been noticing that metaserver2.us.netrek.org is down for some
time now.

telnet metaserver2.us.netrek.org 3521

Of course we have a backup at metaserver.us.netrek.org.

telnet metaserver.us.netrek.org 3521

However, the generic hostname metaserver.netrek.org maps to the
two ip addresses of the servers mentioned above. For some reason
my DNS resolver *always* picks the first one and later tries the

Result is that when I start netrek -m i have to wait ages. And in
netrekXPmod latest version there is no status screen visible
indicating something is happening, so that is quite confusing.
I can imagine many newbies wondering if they doubleclicked the
icon at all...

So Carlos, or whoever operates metaserver2.us.netrek.org, can you
restart the metaserver? And if not, Sven, can you remove the
second entry in the DNS record?

Greetx, Erik

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