Quoting E. Hietbrink <Shadow.Hunter at netrek.org>:

> I've been noticing that metaserver2.us.netrek.org is down for some
> time now.

"Some time" is about 28 hours from the time of THIS message.

The machine that hosts the metaserver (and keyserver) was taken down
Saturday morning US by Dave Ahn due to a security compromise.  He is
in the process of re-bulding it, but it is the US weekend.

> So Carlos, or whoever operates metaserver2.us.netrek.org, can you
> restart the metaserver? 

Generally, if the meta dies, its re-started within 5 minutes or so.
But not much one can do if the machine is off.

> And if not, Sven, can you remove the second entry in the DNS record?

That's a little premature after only less than 30 hours.  Give Dave
some time. 

--Carlos V.

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