Thanks to the help i received last night i managed to get my netrek
server online and appearing on the metaserver. However i now face 2

The first is that i can still bomb with RESTRICT_BOMB=1 - even when
there arent enough players available for t-mode. (that is set to 3 per

And im also having a problem with the metaserver now. I keep flooding
it (according to telnet) and i am unsure why. I have changed the
default 60 / 120 right up to 900 and its still flooding.
bronco-netrek.jacknorris.net is showing fine but jacknorris.net is
flooding. the reason bronco-netrek is not flooding the server is
because it is not in my .metaservers file anymore jacknorris.net is. 
but the metaserver is still listing bronco-netrek

I have no idea what is going on. Does anyone else :P ?