On Fri, 2 Jun 2006, William Balcerski wrote:

>>> 1) Ship headings to 256 with SP2
>>> Cons: Can one argue more accurate ship headings gives an unfair
>>> advantage in dogfighting?
>> Yes. It makes old clients obsolete.
> Well, headings for other ships are sent to 256 positions with long packets
> already, and your own heading is already sent to 256 positions with short
> packets.   So I guess that means my client (with long packets on) makes all
> old clients obsolete?  Cause you can see all ships to 256 positions (not
> just your own)?

I do the head fake all the time, where you position your ship very close 
to the next ship position so that you can turn very quickly and the enemy 
won't know what hit them, or when you move to a next ship position but 
don't move any further than just to where the ship changes position and 
then move back to the previous position quickly. This move will be 
impossible agains someone playing with your client.