> I do the head fake all the time, where you position your ship very close
> to the next ship position so that you can turn very quickly and the enemy
> won't know what hit them, or when you move to a next ship position but
> don't move any further than just to where the ship changes position and
> then move back to the previous position quickly. This move will be
> impossible agains someone playing with your client.
> --Niclas
To the edge of the 16 or 32 bitmap set position?  Your own position
displays to 32 positions regardless of packet type, for all modern
clients.  I find it pretty hard to do what you described in a normal
situation with 32 position bitmaps..it's a bit more feasible if you only
display your ship to 16 positions.  I think any decision must be made in
light of what data is currently available to clients, and what clients can
do...95%+ of current players can display other ships to 32 pos. if they so
choose, maybe this argument was more valid when clients could only display
to 16 positions, but I just don't see it anymore.