> No, that's wrong.  TedTurner-1.3.1 doesn't acutually have 20x20 ATT bitmaps,
> those are just copies of the GA bitmaps.  Paradise 2000 and the old paradise
> client, which a few people still use, only has 28x28 bitmaps for ATT.
Hmm, if you are a Fed ATT, what bitmap does it display then (in Paradise
2000)?  Curious also, does Paradise 2000 have 32 positions for ATT, or
just 16?

> > I still think the default ship size should stay at 20x20.  The use of
> > tiled bitmap sets has led to all ship art being drawn the same size.  I
> > think every released, actively developed client today uses the tiled bitmaps.
> You are wrong.
Way to be tact, but eh shouldn't expect that from you.  Anyways, from what
I can tell, the ship defined with and height in getships.c doesn't do a
whole lot.  Torp explosion distance is still the same, regardless of how
big the ship is defined as - that seems to me the most crucial reason why
the 20x20 ATT should be standard.  If ship drawn at 28x28, torps will just
pass through the outer portions of the ship.  Furthermore, in
robotd/getship.c, ATT has always been defined as 20x20.  So there are at
least 2 places in the code (robot getship, plus xtkill) where it sets ATT
size to 20x20.  And 1 case where it set it to 28x28 (ntserv getship).
Seems to me they should all be the same.