>From: Rado S <regrado at web.de>
>As I said, 2 of them were only once each, and those were the useful
>ones, but only after the personlized version.
>The one with "several" times was contradicting himself.

So you received answers, but not all were what you wanted to hear.

>Yes, and I acknowledged that already, what's your point?
>There is inter-style and intra-style fairness.
>One is solved, the other not.

Which is solved and which is not?

>That was an analogy from the computer world to help you understand
>that there is no evil intent, but that's just how things work.
>When processes depend on each other and one "hangs" you can either
>wait forever or set a timeout and move on. If the "move on" is
>blocked by the "hanging" process, it gets released.
>("man ps", "man kill", "man sleep", "man wait")

What process is being blocked?

>Has this any influence on the validity of logic?

Of course.  A majority of the community does not reside on the dev list or 
on #netrek.  They are on the servers.  How can someone truly know the 
validity of their logic when making decisions about restructuring the Netrek 
community if they don't interact with the players on the servers?


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