Joe Evango wrote:
>> From: Rado S <regrado at>
>> As I said, 2 of them were only once each, and those were the useful
>> ones, but only after the personlized version.
>> The one with "several" times was contradicting himself.
> So you received answers, but not all were what you wanted to hear.

As a mildly interested sympathetic ear (presumedly the same as Joe), who 
has monitored this list for a few years now, I don't understand what 
Rado wants, or why he feels James is failing him.

Rado: Your theories are simply not how open source projects work. If you 
tried your techniques on the linux kernel list you would be far more 
loudly criticized.

Nobody here is questioning any of the "rulers" we have today except for 
Rado. I don't see a single person supporting Rado.

Rado: Perhaps this should tell you something?


Mark Mielke <mark at>