=- Mark Mielke wrote on Tue 21.Aug'07 at 16:59:28 -0400 -=

> As a mildly interested sympathetic ear

Interested in what? Specifically or generally?

> {...} I don't understand what Rado wants, or why he feels James is
> failing him.

He was giving contradictory and wrong answers.

> Rado: Your theories are simply not how open source projects work.
> If you tried your techniques on the linux kernel list you would be
> far more loudly criticized.

Heh, I think a kernel has not the "fairness" problems of a game. ;)
So I wouldn't even start such a thing there.

> Nobody here is questioning any of the "rulers" we have today
> except for Rado. I don't see a single person supporting Rado.

I'm not questioning them.
They are refusing to do what is needed for "fairness" per response
to Joe.
They are free to refuse, I don't blame them, it's (much) work and
they're too busy already.
But when they decline, why not have somebody else try?

> Rado: Perhaps this should tell you something?

Yes, that it's hard to overcome prejudice.

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