On Fri, Aug 24, 2007 at 10:41:19PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> They are refusing to do what is needed for "fairness" per response
> to Joe.

A lack of response does not mean a lack of interest nor does it mean
refusal.  Perhaps not everyone agrees with your definition of what is
"needed" for this community.

"Fairness" is a moving target, and the foundation for it has always been
the leagues (or clue games, if you will).  If this answer doesn't make
sense or seems deficient, then you may wish to research into the history
of Netrek and why RES-RSA (and its predecessor reserved.c) was
introduced to begin with.  The scope and intent of RES-RSA has never
been as broad as is being assumed or claimed by some of the people on
this list.

On an earlier post, you asked:
> How can we help you? (other than being patient)

I would suggest individual action to benefit the community in a
productive way.  How you interpret my suggestion is entirely up to you.
Plenty of people in this community seem to be contributing very
positively with little to no interaction with me, and that should be so:
fewer bottlenecks and more respectful collaboration.

I stated in an earlier post months ago, and I'll state it again.  Netrek
is not the same as it was, and it shouldn't be.  It is up to the current
active community to define the game and sustain it.