Is it really a "3D client" or a 2D client with better bitmaps and different 
window placements/sizes?

What is your timeline for completing the first release?


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>And yes, I know that a "3D" representation will for the most part be used 
>just display a top-down or nearly top-down view, but it *can* be used to
>produce beauty shots, and beauty shots can be put on websites to lure in
>unsuspecting noobs to feed the DD runnerscum, particularly if we can trick
>them into using some god-awful chase cam mode. ;)
>My intention is to have the tactical fill the whole window, with the
>playerlist overlayed in the bottom left, a single unified message window
>overlayed in the bottom right, and a (relatively small) galactic window
>overlayed in the top right.  As normal, the galactic area will be usable 
>sending events.  I intend to put as much known (i.e. not "infoborged")
>information on the screen as possible by default, to reduce the requirement
>to keep infoing planets and players.
>I feel that I may also want a full-screen galactic mode, as the galactic is
>the most important window.  I mean, apart from the message window, which as
>we all know is the most important window.  The most important apart from 
>playerlist, obviously.
>The other major possibility is to have the tactical fill a square viewport
>on the left 3/4 (or 9/16ths) of the screen, with the other 1/4rd or 7/9ths
>of the screen being used for galactic, playerlist and message-list stacked
>vertically.  A square tactical avoids issues with aspect ratios or freaky
>camera frustrums, although I don't want to get too cute in a first version.
>Right, that's me done expounding the Grand Plan.  "Meh", "Implicit!", "OMG
>INFOBORG HAXXORZ", or a world weary silence would all be appropriate at 
>Kind regards,
>-Colin MacDonald-

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