On 1/18/07, Joe Evango <jjadeinc at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Is it really a "3D client" or a 2D client with better bitmaps and
> different
> window placements/sizes?

Hi Joe,

It's 3D, but I expect that the most common use - for existing players anyway
- will be a top-down view that looks much like the existing tactical.  Wacky
camera angles or trailing or zooming (maybe speed-sensitive) cameras would
certainly be possible, but at the expense of lowered competitiveness.

The real purpose is that using a 3D renderer makes it easier to add in eye
candy (yes, hiss in outrage!), and I feel that the the current clients are,
while highly functional, simply too stone age for today's market.  As per
previous discussions on this list, I believe that potential players won't
take the time to find out how good Netrek is under the skin, if the skin is
all wrinkled and ancient.

What is your timeline for completing the first release?
> -Joe

Approximately when it's done.  I'm neither committing to a timescale nor
looking for assistance, this is purely an FYI at this point.  Due to
Netrek's liberal use of globals and fixed size arrays, it's actually a
breeze to implement, and I'm currently dodging torps in the 3D window
(admittedly every ship is a WWII German destroyer and the torps are all pink
blobs, but the principle is there).  It's actually the front end, input, and
text rendering that'll take the time, not to mention modelling the ships and
eye candy, although given the scales involved, the models don't have to be
particularly detailed.

I should mention that I'm basing it on NetrekXP 2006, and will be developing
it on Windows only, but using a very lightweight cross platform 3D engine
(Irrlicht, or I might switch to its offspring, Lightfeather) that should
allow easy porting to Linux and MacOS if it ever gets to the point where
anyone is interested.

Worst case, if nobody uses it but me, then it'll still be a satisfying


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