A patch pushed just now adds support for virtual servers via environment
variables, propogated to each server process.  Impact negligible unless
you are using the NETREK_PKEY environment variable already.  Change your
scripts to use PKEY.

getpath.c: new feature, accept directories from environment variables.
Bug fix: limit file name path length to allocated space.
openmem.c: change from NETREK_PKEY to PKEY for the shared memory key
environment variable.  Bug fix: use PKEY also as a semaphore set
INSTALL: new feature, document how to set up virtual servers using the
same binaries.
Running two servers on one host, same binaries

1.  build the server as usual, to the point of "make install",

2.  duplicate the etc/ and var/ tree, once per virtual server,

	cd /usr/local/games/netrek
	cp -pr etc etc.inl
	cp -pr var var.inl

3.  configure each etc tree to use separate IP addresses or port numbers,

4.  start each server with a unique PKEY and SYSCONFDIR,

	PKEY=128 netrekd
	SYSCONFDIR=/usr/local/games/netrek/etc.inl \
	LOCALSTATEDIR=/usr/local/games/netrek/var.inl \
	PKEY=129 netrekd

James Cameron    mailto:quozl at us.netrek.org     http://quozl.netrek.org/