As of now MacTrek 1.2 is the main version in the field. Support on  
the 1.1 branch (1.1.2) is officially dropped. SVN holds the release  
versions as well as development branches of all releases. The work on  
1.1 branch contains a beta of 1.1.3 which will not be completed since  
all bugs are also patched in 1.2.0.

You may expect 1.2.x updates with bugfixes until 1.3 is released  
(main development trunk) Hopefully not too many.  For the daring  
ones, 1.3.0beta1 from SVN compiles and seems to authenticate too. The  
entire comm libraries were re-written from scratch, expect enough  
performance gain to move to 50 FPS (but that's a whole different story)

Release 1.2.0

- Added macro handling
- Added reading macros from file
- Added Rendezvous (1667734)
- Added William Balcerski to credits (artwork)
- Added support for sending/receiving RCD/RCM (1682996)
- Added distress keys
- Added experimental resolution switching (1678784)
- Added improvements in cloaking behaviour
- Added new graphics for wrench, fuel and army
- Added map-able mouse keys (1666849)
- Added voice commands (1663917)
- Added continious mouse steering (1636254)
- Added interaction on galactic map (1636263)
- Added new tracker sync screenupdates with server (1636277)
- Added support for command-Q (Apple Quit)
- Added licence file
- Added support for sturgon & hockey servers (1595617)
- Bugfix in RCD handling (1684823)
- Bugfix race condition causing hangs resolved (1691205)
- Bugfix return focus to GameView after send message (1636270)
- Bugfix keymap changes are sometimes not processed
- Bugfix RSA enabling error resolved
- Bugfix settings only saved upon game entry (1674341)
- Bugfix server reading of messages
- Bugfix to send messages up to player "k"
- Bugfix local echo of own messages
- Bugfix display of shield/label while cloaked
- Bugfix hogcall fixed (1625370)
- Changed cleanup of mainnibs
- Changed handling of settings (1682996)
- Changed default key for quit is now "Q" not "q" (1684995)
- Changed presentation of war declaration (1682448)
- Changed entry screen for backport to OS X 10.3
- Changed presentation of key map by sorting them
- Changed label only shown for 1 player (COW compliance)
- Changed graphics classic theme (improved)
- Changed settings dialogue (tab pane)
- Changed presentation of cloaked ships (COW compliance)
- Changed disabled debug labels (COW compliance)
- Changed logging mechanism
- Changed User Manual / Licence

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