since a generic addressing failed in the past, I hope a more
personal approach gets more attention from you. I've made it as
short and precise as possible from the feedback so far,
so please, read and respond.

Everyone else may also comment, but let's hear _all_ the owners'
answers to these questions, this time _before_ answering to
sub-threads (only), please!
(if you happen to know that one of the listed doesn't read this
generally at all, please either forward this or invite them over)

If by 2 weeks no response arrives, we need to find a replacement for
that resource. I'd like to have facts and preparations done before
vacation begins and the momentum is forgotten again.
Oh, and read all before you reply, thank you.

What I want to know is:

- Is this list of resources run for netrek with their owners correct
and complete?
	- www (nexus): Dave, James
	- meta-server: Carlos
	- dev-wiki: James
	- SF project: Dave, Kurt, James, Carlos, Bob
	- SF Paradise: Dave (+ Bob Glamm, but subscribed here?)
	- servers:
		- James
		- James, Bob
		- Bill
		- Karthik
		- hockey had no info, practice doesn't count now.

- Do you want to act as netrek director per game type?
	- define standards for that game type.
	(majority of the type's board, 3-5 total depending on demand,
	the remaining members will be installed later by choice of
	existing directors or poll from the community, replacement
	formalia discusses elsewhere)
		- technical: code, protocol ...
		- game: server features, client limits ...
			levels: league, pickup, teaching (info-borgs)
		- update wiki page(s) to reflect last standing.
	- enforce them (maybe delegated):
		- control compliance by clients.
			(by observation as well as source when needed)
		- build blessed binaries of only approved clients.
			(separate from client writers to make
			control possible!)
		- run reference server for game type.
			(allow only blessed)
	(Note: server admins may vary features however they want,
	nobody else _must_ run the same server, but the reference
	should always be "fair" for all via client standards/
	blessing and present at all times, and clearly marked as
	such on metas and in www, by name and position/ marks.
	Anything beyond the standards (like banning, censorship, ...
	of renegade clients/ servers) is likewise beyond the
	directors' rights or duties).

- Will you treat all Netrek variants equally, no censoring or
preference in meta-server or other resources of general service?
	- let the players decide what _they_ want to play,
	- don't deny them their fun because you want _your_ game.
	- players develop from "fun" to "sports" types by experience,
	- so in the end all benefit either way,
		once a critical mass is reached.

		(need inter-Netrek standards, also eases client
		coders' lives to support all types at once)

- If you don't want to act as a "director" yourself, will you
support the directors even if they decide with a standard against
your preferences about the game?
	- let one director per type have an account on your systems
		to execute their admin job as director on behalf of
		the whole board.
	(not 1 account/director, but 1/type, except for www/ wikis or
	projects, where no system accounts are needed)

As a guideline what I expect from the directors: to take into
account that the newbie player type has changed.

 What in the past has been a sportman- like dedicated social games
lover who'd spend the time to finish a (long) game and learn to be
improve, now has become a casual short-time/ -attention-span
time-killer/ fun seeker. There are still the good guys among the
newbies, but it takes more time to find them, because the signal to
noise ratio is lower these days, more spoiled kids from other games.

 Rather to stick with high-standards on entry level, I hope for a
differenciated approach as mentioned above:
 newbie entry level, pickup level to prepare for league level.
 League play should then be what you veterans want to have ideally.
(high-quality pickup may result as by-product, but need not, see below)

If players don't want to move on, don't force them or limit them in
their fun with the type and level they've chosen.
 Rather be happy that they've found their way and still stick with
netrek in any form. This at least gives us (all netrek types) a
chance that they might develop later (after maybe becoming bored of
a simple/ single type).

 Patience please, don't expect too much at once, at least from
newbie and pickup levels and all variant types: their primary
objective is to provide fun for the newbies and casual gamers in the
break to get them hooked, not for the veterans with their advanced
gaming which they've carried over from 15+y ago!
 Pickup of today won't and doesn't need to be the pickup of the
past. Your veterans' (sportsmen) place is league play:
 wait till they get through, don't invade their "fun" space.

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