On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 08:41:19PM +0200, Rado S wrote:
> since a generic addressing failed in the past,

When?  Cite reference.  Give link to archive.

> I hope a more personal approach gets more attention from you.

By putting us in the subject line?  I doubt you know how to engage
people's interest.

> If by 2 weeks no response arrives, we need to find a replacement for
> that resource. 

Fascinating.  You would try to force our hand by setting a date and
claiming you will replace us.  Thanks for the vote of confidence in our
services.  I'm not encouraged.  I take this as an attack.

> I'd like to have facts and preparations done before
> vacation begins 

What vacation is this?

> - Is this list of resources run for netrek with their owners correct
> and complete?


You should review the list of resources on the Wiki.

Please define "owner".  Is that someone who pays the bills, provides the
hosting, provides the bandwidth, purchases the equipment, or controls
the policy thereof?

> 	- www (nexus): Dave, James

akb4 has been the primary maintainer of this content lately.

> 	- meta-server: Carlos

You've neglected the other metaservers.  The metaservers also provide
different resources with different "ownership".  The resources include
key list, FAQ, and active game list.

> 	- dev-wiki: James

No, this is hosted by Bob.

> 	- SF project: Dave, Kurt, James, Carlos, Bob

No, see the project definition on SF.

> 	- servers:
> 		- netrek.hwy.com.au: James


> 		- continuum.us.netrek.org: James, Bob


> - Do you want to act as netrek director per game type?

No, but I seem to have a vote.

> 		- run reference server for game type.
> 			(allow only blessed)

No.  Client blessing is pointless, since we have not TCA.

No, I see no reason to run a reference server.  We have enough servers.

> - Will you treat all Netrek variants equally, no censoring or
> preference in meta-server or other resources of general service?


> 	- let the players decide what _they_ want to play,

They can set up their own servers.  They have already.  warped.

> - If you don't want to act as a "director" yourself, will you
> support the directors even if they decide with a standard against
> your preferences about the game?


> 	- let one director per type have an account on your systems
> 		to execute their admin job as director on behalf of
> 		the whole board.

Certainly not.

> As a guideline what I expect from the directors: to take into
> account that the newbie player type has changed.

Couldn't parse the following paragraph.  Or the text that followed it.

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