=- ChronosWS wrote on Wed 30.May'07 at  8:40:54 -0700 -=

> What I am actually interested in doing is setting up a desktop
> applet which can sit in the tray (on Windows) and notify you when
> games are ready.

Well, can't the client itself do that, too?
	(at least for the server you connected to already as
	described before with TQ)
Not having a desktop with a "tray" (only a window manager), it would
be nice to still have this functionality without having to sit on
windows or run an extra applet.
 That's why I suggested the server-side solution.

> Supporting multiple queue would be a natural function of this
> applet, but it would work just as well with a single queue.

Yes, but see above. Typically you don't track so many servers.

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