You could do that, but this makes it an always-on background service type
notification.  It would be very small, consuming almost no memory and
running all the time.  Likely you'd have it run on system startup and
monitor the metaserver(s) and tell you when a game is ready.  Thus you don't
have to make an active decision to play (and possibly then wait) until you
are essentially guaranteed that you really have a choice to make.

The number of queues being tracked is irrelevant as the design of the system
does not change.  Again, the player is probably less interested in tracking
a particular server than tracking the existence of T-mode on any server
supporting their desired game type(s).  Design for tomorrow's war (when we
have many servers) not today's, especially when the cost of doing so is very

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> What I am actually interested in doing is setting up a desktop
> applet which can sit in the tray (on Windows) and notify you when
> games are ready.

Well, can't the client itself do that, too?
	(at least for the server you connected to already as
	described before with TQ)
Not having a desktop with a "tray" (only a window manager), it would
be nice to still have this functionality without having to sit on
windows or run an extra applet.
 That's why I suggested the server-side solution.

> Supporting multiple queue would be a natural function of this
> applet, but it would work just as well with a single queue.

Yes, but see above. Typically you don't track so many servers.

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