=- Jeffrey Watts wrote on Sat 22.Mar'08 at 14:23:59 -0500 -=

> > If you haven't, how much harder is it for anyone else to get
> > this trust? What does it take? How long does it take? Why does
> > it need this? Why not for the sake of progress let you handle it
> > anyway, just to get moving again?
> How long does it take for you to stop beating a dead horse?
> {...}
> To be perfectly honest I would have killfilled all of your posts a
> while ago except for the fact that Mr Cameron and others are still
> nice enough to respond to your circular arguments, and thus I keep
> getting dragged into your drama via their replies.

I'm sorry for them replying and therefore annoying you even more
than by myself alone.

> Stop trying to constantly get the last word.

I'm sorry, I don't do that intentionally.
I tend not to stop as long as the answers open new questions.

> Stop arguing incessantly with the developers.

I'm sorry it's always the same one.
It wasn't my intention originally that it turned into a dialogue

> Produce code or shut up.

So code is the answer to everything?
I'm sorry that I see alternatives and was hoping for others to see
them, too.

> You do add some good things, but right now your negatives
> drown out your positives.


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