=- Jeffrey Watts wrote on Tue 25.Mar'08 at 16:05:56 -0500 -=

> You have tons of ideas but very little support from the community.
> Your exhausting persistence in promoting them despite a lack of
> enthusiasm from anyone else only seems to serve to annoy people.

... because always the same respond 1st and/or only.
Maybe I'm mistaken and the list actually consists of only a handful
of people to always run into the same. In that case I'm again sorry.

Then again, even among the few I noticed signals deviating from the
only true path.  I'll do better at ignoring them from now on.

> I'm not sure if the lack of support is due to the inadequacy of
> the ideas themselves or the poor manner in which you promote them.
> I suspect the latter more than the former.

I suspect even another.

> Leaders in the geek community aren't leaders because they shout
> the loudest - they're leaders because they get things done.

If you mean me by "shouting", I'm not after being a leader.
I'm also after getting things done, just not code directly now, but
as a result of systematic changes in the long run.

> This is a meritocracy, and when faced by a lack of support for
> your ideas you need to either implement them yourself (and thus
> let the ideas stand on their own merit) {...}

It's easy to fork code (needs just 1 person), but not workflow
environments designed to work with many rather than a few, when
there are too few left altogether.
 More code doesn't produce more people working with it.
 You have to work for a living, but you have to spend
(and risk) money to make more money. There is enough
code to live, it needs more people to live better.

> {...} or stop complaining that others won't.
> In this community, "getting things done" generally means
> contributing new code or fixing old code. Thus my comment about
> producing code.

There is more to "merit" than only literal code.
But you're right, nothing has changed since 1y+ ago.
 So I will stop exploring (*) the current state and different ways
to go, and join the silence of the good old true way.

(* as it was intended rather than "complaining" as you perceive it;
but does it make a difference for you?)

(BTW, the list is "forked", can we have it re-unite to

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