Re: cool things : There has been several calls for bringing novelity to
netrek over time, and efforts have entertained ways to achieve this, so
it's not necessarily out of the ordinary.  It was mostly targeted at
meeting the changes of the current generation, and bringing netrek to
meet that challenge. A netrek web client is one example of this, or
updating the GUI. Clearly there should be the opportunity to at least
present the development work, but my experience was confronted by
obstructionist behavior, which totally flipped me out. What is worse is
that it is reoccuring with the departure of Nick Slager, and Trent's
experiences point to some of the issues.  Social issues like this are not
easily addressed.

No doubt James has done a good job. However, I would like to see an open
door policy, where over time I can come back out of the wood work and
give my latest updates. The "put up or shutup" approach does not
historically represent how netrek developed, and I don't think it useful
today. It seems to imply that because I am stronger than you (or vise
versa), my voice should be heard the loudest, but as you know
intelligence is lost in this model. I think Rado may not be seeing such
an open door policy and thus cause for his concern.

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  Just like any other open source project - "cool things" are not
  desired. If you went to the Linux kernel list and presented yourself
  same as Rado, demanding for somebody in authority to offer volunteers
  work on your favourite whizbang feature, the reaction would be far
  hostile than we see here.

  There are people that put up, and there are people that talk. As far
  I am concerned, James has been putting up. I find myself continuously
  confused over what Rado is asking for (over months or years?), and
  him being critical of James and existing process. My first reaction
  definitely be to challenge Rado under these circumstances.

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