James Cameron wrote:
> I had an idea for wrap perception simplification which offsets all
> coordinates given to a player so that they remain locked in the centre
> of the galactic.  As they move the offset changes, and so everything
> moves around them.  It would have a bad effect on the data stream
> though, since planets would need to be moved

That's effectively the jist of the patch, although there is no need for 
it to be "the center". Every DX or DY is wrapped with a macro that 
treats it as DX - GWIDTH if DX > GWIDTH / 2, and DX + GWIDTH if DX < - 
GWIDTH / 2. Never for absolute position of objects, but always for 
calculations that calculate the distance of objects, or that track other 
objects. This requires client support to work best, otherwise you got 
"interesting" effects, like a phaser that crosses the galaxy the long 
way for a cross-the-wall phaser... :-)


Mark Mielke <mark at mielke.cc>