On 02/26/2010 09:24 PM, mrbax.nospam.2007 at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi folks
>> In the prior code, the best damage was achieved by timing the explosion
>> to arrive in the vicinity of the base 400ms after the explosion begins.
>> In the current code, this best time is 80ms after the explosion begins.
> I vote for restoration of the original behaviour:
>      • It is the time-tested version optimized for classic play.

The test of time has shown Netrek to come up short. :-)

>      • A bug is unlikely ever to result in optimal play.

In many games, design intent is later exposed as not providing optimal 
play. That's why games such as C&C will adjust the specs for units with 
each patch release. Design intent does not guarantee optimal play. 
Analysis of play, and careful evolution based on user feedback provides 
for optimal play. A bug may or may not affect optimal play. Did you 
notice the difference?

>      • Old players are used to the original behaviour and are impacted.

Where are the old players? They probably have families and careers and 
no longer have time to play with the exception of those who make time. :-)

>      • New players users are not often found to be competent base pilots and
>        are unlikely to benefit, let alone notice.

Who noticed?

>      • Typical minimum human response times are around 100 ms.  A delay of
>        80 ms is likely too small to be of value, especially when some
>        players already have to deal with round-trip delays of over 300 ms.

I used to find the delayed explosion really odd. My memory might be 
wrong - but I think in high speed scenarios, a starbase could tractor 
and repress the ship right through the SB, and achieve reduced damage. 
To me, that's a bug. Try doing that in real life when a car is bearing 
down on you. :-)

>      • If the traditional value is determined to be suboptimal, an optimal
>        value should be determined by thorough play-testing.

Or simply by vote.

I vote much ado about damage long done and unnoticed. :-)


P.S. Sorry - still playing devil's advocate. I'm more amused about this 
issue than anything.