Heh, my very first Linux was Mandrake back in 1999. Wasn't very happy
with it so I moved to Debian. Does Mandriva have a Live disc I can
boot off of to try it?

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 8:44 PM, Johnny Solbu <johnny at solbu.net> wrote:
> If one use the terminal: "urpmi netrek-client-cow"
> Or one could search for "netrek" in the graphical package manager, and it will show up.
> They might have to add a repository in order to find it, as not all packages fit on a 4.4GB dvd. ;-)=
> The easy way to do that is to use the "Easy Urpmi" website and add one.
> http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/  - http://mandrivausers.org/easyurpmi/