On Thursday 01 March 2012 02:49, Zachary Uram wrote:
> Heh, my very first Linux was Mandrake back in 1999. 

My first was SuSE 5.2 which came on a CD in a norwegian computer magazine in 1998.
I remember the title and cover as if it was last week: "A real 32 bits, gratis operating system" (Translated)
I har learned that Windows 9x wasn't a real 32 bit system. It was a mix of 16 and 32 bits.
So the ability to try a real 32 bist system atractec me. and th fact that it was free of charge, was what made me try it.

> Wasn't very happy with it so I moved to Debian. 

I went the other way around. :-)=
I had a Redhat 7.1 gateway, and was looking for something to test on my other computer. So I tried Debian 3.0-rc1, as Debian was supposed to be the best one.
It was the worst computer experience I've had to this date. The Debian installer back then was almost nothing but crap. t naged on and on about what hardware I had. On every posible hardware it found it asked me to manually enter/select the chipset, how much ram the system had, how much ram the graphics card had, and which chipset it was. And, I had no clue as to any of this, except what CPU and how much memory it had.

I was, and still am of the firm belief that this is something the installer should figure out by itself.
So I halted the installer before it even started installing anything. So I tried Mandrake 9.0, which was included in a british computer magazine in 2003, I think. And I'm still using Mandriva. I am one of the few who also have a complete local mirror of the Mandriva releases I use. :-)=

> Does Mandriva have a Live disc I can boot off of to try it?

I think so, however I no longer recommend it, as the new installer that came with Mandriva 2011 does not give you the abillity to choose what pakcages to install from the DVD. it install Everything, including a lot of proprietary crap that I refuse to have anything to do with. Proprietary software can't be trusted. especially proprietary drivers. We can't independently verify that it doesn't spy on us. I don't think that proprietary driver vendors do that, but we can't verify it.
This also mean that one can nolonger install Mandriva as a server.

The reason i still build packages for Mandriva thou, is that I have been mentored as a packager for the last year and a half or so. and qualified this january. :-)=
I also is stil there in order to influence the direction, like building Free Software packages over proprietary whenever possible.
And I hope that the installer will change for 2012. If it does not, and still use the same method of installation as in 2011, I'm leaving Mandriva.

Also Mandriva is on the verge of bankruptcy. http://blog.mandriva.com/en/

I recommend Mageia, which is a fork of Mandriva 2010.2, and I will be moving to that when it's time to upgrade my 2010.2 systems in the future.
netrek-client-cow should end up in Mageia sometime tomorrow.

Johnny A. Solbu
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