My iPad native Netrek App is now available for beta!  Version 1.0 build 5 is now in TestFlight (Apple’s beta process for iOS apps).
I hope to have an approved version in the iPadOS App Store in a few days.

To run it:

1) Get an iPad

2) Install the TestFlight App from the iOS App Store

3) Join the Netrek on iPad test at this link: <>

Netrek for iPadOS is Open Source at <>.  
I’ve attached a screenshot.

Here’s the user interface details:

Tap on the screen to fire a torpedo.
Drag on the screen to set course (to the end of the drag) and speed (based on the duration of the drag).  While you are dragging, the speed you will set shows up on tactical.
Tap on an enemy ship once per second to fire a phaser.
Additional taps on the enemy ship (or taps while the enemy is out of phaser range) will fire a torpedo.
Tap on a planet to lock on for orbit.

A single-button mouse (or using your finger) is supported.  Apple’s developer conference is next week and I’m hoping multi-button mouse support will be a new iPadOS SwiftUI feature.

I have not done any testing with a keyboard or an Apple Pencil.

Note the “circle” of planet and player abbreviations on the tactical screen.  That’s your strategic scan data.  Players with kills are bold.  Planets with armies are bold.  The opacity is based on the distance.  Maximum distance 3 times the tactical range.

Cloaked vessels are visible on the map at 10% opacity with their location updated once per second.

To “exit” click the “Captain self destruct” AND “first officer self destruct” buttons ;-)

You can send messages at the top.  The most recent incoming message shows up at the bottom.  When you are dead you see more old messages.  We also have convenient “ESCORT” and “MAYDAY” buttons.  Messages can go to “all” or to “my team” (the escort/mayday always go to your team).  Sending messages to individuals is not supported.

No support for tractors, pressors, or playing starbases.  I’m thinking about “tractor nearest enemy” and “pressor nearest enemy” buttons.  I do not recommend playing hockey with this client.

Prior feedback credits:

Buttons on left instead of right (Dave Ahn).
Hints from Windows client added (Bill Balcerski)
Also thanks to Karthik Arumugham for keyboard suggestions.  I’ll get there.


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