=- Joe Evango wrote on Tue 21.Aug'07 at 15:19:59 -0500 -=

> >What's the typical _general_ scenario for the most promising
> >turnout case you're trying to cover (if you don't want to give
> >away secret details about the specific netrek campaign [security
> >by obscurity?])?
> To promote Netrek, the game as a whole, through a single point of
> distribution.

Eh... that's not what I mean. The basic principle to unite is clear
to have a bigger "receiving" pool where people end up when they've
been lured in already.
 I'm more interested in what you do to spread the word about netrek
to places where people haven't heard of it yet to _lure_ them in.

What would a campaigner in advance do, and then what would a newbie
do to notice and stay with netrek in preference over competitors
(outside the netrek world)?
- browse generic game sites/ portals and stumble over banners/
- search for certain keywords (which you don't want to disclose) in
search engines?
- what else?

The most interesting question you didn't address:
- are there enemies against your efforts?
	(and therefore what would be the reason to not go public
	with the whole preparations, how would this hurt?)

> >Remember how we (re-)learned about your private investments with
> >your solo campaigning efforts of which apparently nobody else
> >knew?
> Perhaps you just learned about this.

Apparently it wasn't just I, or maybe others just forgot about it
again and were reminded.
But likewise you were interested, at least back then, see those and
their followups:

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